Committed to providing unrivalled customer satisfaction and ensuring that we meet our customers’ needs

That is why we are continually striving to enhance our customer experience and to ensure a seamless experience when your car has been involved in an accident.

Initially, we will need to assess whether or not you are eligible for our accident replacement cars through an initial questionnaire. If you require assistance completing our questionnaire, you can always contact us directly and one of our friendly team members can help you through the process.

Once you are eligible for a replacement vehicle, we will require you to complete an application form. With any accidents, please ensure you have the details of the other vehicle(s) and driver(s). To successfully complete this application form, you will need the at-fault driver’s details, your details and some basic information regarding the accident.

Our team will then confirm the successful approval and completion of the application and work directly with the insurance company.

We will also be organising with you a suitable pick up/drop-off time of the Eastside Accident Replacement Vehicle ensuring that you are back on the road at no time at all.

Importantly, if you, a passenger or the other driver is injured as a result of the car accident please call 000 in case of an emergency. Safety is paramount at Eastside ARV and we encourage all commuters to carry out their due diligence.

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