What is an Accident Replacement Vehicle?

An Accident Replacement Vehicle (ARV) or an Accident Car Loan is a service we at Eastside ARV provide to not-at-fault drivers involved in multi-vehicle accidents. We understand the frustration of not having access to a car whilst the car is being repaired, so the accidental replacement car allows you to get from point a to point b until your car has been repaired or a notification of a complete car write-off has been confirmed.

How much do I pay for an Accident Replacement Vehicle?

Importantly, you will not be liable for any car rental costs provided that you are not the at-fault driver. Typically the at-fault driver’s insurer covers the cost of your replacement vehicle. It is important that you correctly note down the details of the at-fault driver and the incident.

However, like any rental vehicle, the only costs you’ll be responsible for is fuel and other incidental costs.